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March 2006

+ The Japanese Speech Contest +

Japanese Speech Contest was held in Ottawa on March 4th. It was also a preliminary contest for the National Speech Contest to be held on April 2nd in Toronto. Two students in my class participated in this speech contest and they did it!

One of them got a special prize from the judges and the other won first place! He will try the National Speech Contest as a representative of Ottawa. It's so cool!!!

I am very proud of them. Congratulations!

At night, I met with some friends and drank beer. The beer tasted so good.

+ Cherry blossom +

The other day, when I was looking for some teaching materials on the internet, I found one of the web pages of the Central Japan Railway Company. The web page has a spring version TV commercial video. The commercial is called "SO-DA KYOTO, IKO- (The direct translation is "Yeah, Get going Kyoto")." It is a long series of commercials and it has introduced the beauty in Kyoto since 1993. This series is so popular in Japan that the posters, pictures, and poems related with this series were published as a book.

Anyways, this commercial is so beautiful!


After watching this commercial, I noticed that it doesn't have any train images and doesn't say the company's name. It has just only small logo in the corner the end of the commercial. Oh là là! Now, most Japanese already knew this style of commercial is for the Central Japan Railway Company. I think that the company doesn't have to emphasize the train and company's name any more, and the commercial creator could concentrate to quest the Japanese beauty. It's so cool.

Such a beauty of cherry blossoms makes me feel awe-inspiring also.

Don't you think so?

+ The lost things +

(If you are eating, I don't recommend reading this article.)

Yeah, winter was completely finished. It gets warmer and warmer every day. Finally, I took my bicycle from my apartment's basement and rode it the other day. I felt spring even though it was still a little bit cold. The ice was melted. See you later Rideau Canal skate rink!

By the way, it is a little bit smelly on the streets recently. First, I thought that some bad things like a drain pipe trouble happened and such smelly air was partial. BUT! here, here, and there! What happened?

According to my friends, it was caused by the lost things from the dogs... Yeah, I know, almost all of the owners picked up their dogs' things. However a very few owners didn't. During winter, these had been frozen and stored under the snow and in the beginning of spring; these all woke up at once!

Gooooood morning!

... It is spring.

+ Kino +

Last Saturday night, I went to a night club with my friends, but not for dancing for watching short movies made by amateur creators. Such movement is called Kino and it is a little bit popular in Québec. The night club was near Ottawa, in Québec. Even though it took about ten minutes from Ottawa by car, the night club felt completely like French-side Canada. All of the people in the night club spoke in French except when they ordered an English name beer :-P

The short movies were also in French. Yeah, it was so hard for me to understand the stories but I could enjoy this event because all of them, not only the filmmakers but also the audience, enjoy such hand made, sometimes B taste, and I also like such atmosphere.

I watched French short movies with my French Canadian friends at French-side Canada, and drinking... oh, it was English name beer.

Anyways, it was the night that I thought I wish I understood French very much.

Bonne nuit.

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