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May 2006

+ Too Bad News +

I heard too bad news that my friend passed away on May 4th. She was a very wonderful woman. She was an ASL teacher, a Sign Language performer, a producer, and had had a great impact Deaf and Hearing communities. I have been influenced by her a lot. She is a very important person for my life.

However, she is not here anymore. I remember that she told me she thought we would meet again soon maybe in Canada, at my farewell party in Tokyo. It was a realistic idea because her work field was not only Japan but also USA (LA, DC, NY...), so, I could also imagine that but... What an absoluteness death is...

I live my life making the most of what she left behind.

I pray for the repose of her soul.

+ IST +

The other day, I went to my friend's house to help with his gardening and DIY. My main activity was weeding. Oh là là, I felt a little bit sorry for the greens when I tried to start weeding. Yeah, life is life even though it is a weed. Do I have any rights to take the lives away from them? They have never attacked me and I wouldn't eat them, so it was not survival. However, I changed my mind because I thought I was a very cheap egoist. I am alive now. It means I have taken many lives away, not only directly but also indirectly, for enjoying my life. I only felt such a sense of guilt when I do it by my hands. What a cheap egoist I am! My friends and I will have a BBQ party next weekend in the garden. I decided to start weeding to enjoy my life and said that I was so sorry greens. Yes, I am an egoist.

While digging the soil deeply to take out the roots, many mosquitoes came together to me to suck my blood. I blew them off because I didn't want to kill them but I clapped some mosquitoes for my survival. The enemies of me are only female mosquitoes because male mosquitoes don't suck blood. I have to protect myself from female mosquitoes. Yes, I am sexist.

After finishing weeding, I saw the place again. There were no weeds but tulips. Yeah, I didn't take the tulips out. Yes, I am a racist.

Well... am I a Serious Thinker?

+ The Battle with a Lobster +

Now, this is the BBQ day! I was supposed to have a good time in the beautiful garden with my friends.

It was raining.


Anyways, we changed to having a party inside. My friends cooked rice crackers, chicken, etc at the terrace with a roof. Yeah, this is a BBQ party even though we all are in the living room.

One of the main dishes was the Lobster from New Brunswick where the host comes from. It was bigger and had a more mild taste than I expected. It was a little bit complicated to eat, however, I ate it every nook and corner using the special tools. After eating it, I found a very small red dot in my right palm. Wow, I was wounded by the Lobster. The host told me that it was the battle star.

"The Battle Star"

It makes sense!

(* Well... later, other my friend who read this article told me that maybe it was a Battle Scar not a Battle Star. The mistake influences the whole article. I thought that I should not change this article from now. Oh boy...)

+ The Completion Day +

May is the last month of the Japanese language school's year. There were many things in the Japanese language school this year. These were very good experience and great memories.
On the completion day, most of classes, not only child classes but also adult classes, made their performances on the stage such as singing a song, playing a short drama, and saying some messages, etc. These were very good. What's that? My class? Of course, my students made the best performance. It was...

"Algorithm TAISO."

Algorithm TAISO is a very funny and unique dance of NHK education TV show "PITAGORA SUICCHI (Pythagoras Switch.)" This TV program is made for preschool children; however, there are many adult fans in Japan, well, I am also one of the fans. This might be just an excuse but the lyrics are easy for Japanese learners and it has a lot of onomatopoeia that is a feature of Japanese.

You can watch the sample dance on this page.

This sample is performed by two persons, but there were 12 students when they performed it on the stage. Can you imagine three pairs multiple two lines? It was awesome!

Their performance was the great present for me, thank you my students!

"The Japanese Language School OWARI !"

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