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June 2006

+ Deal or No Deal +

Recently, a TV show has attracted to me very much. It is "Deal or No Deal" by American TV station NBC. The rule is easy to understand that I could understand it when I watched it first time. The up and down of banker's offer and the gamble spirit of the players are so existing. I always feel fatigue after watching the TV show.

June 5th was the last game day of this season and they offered the special prise. It was $5million! What the hell. Such a big money made the audiences crazy also. Everybody was heated. The special guest was a Céline Dion because the player is a big fun of her and, you know, the MC Howie Mandel is a Canadian, so, the last day was a Canadian Day! It was very good!

This TV show hasn't introduced in Japan yet, however, I think it's just a matter of time. Is it a post-Millionaire? I can image that Japanese TV Company has negotiated with the company that has the copyright. The company show their price and say to Japanese TV Company.

"Deal or No Deal"

- Wiki Pedia: Deal or No Deal
- NBC: Flash Game

+ Maple Leaf Mouse Pointers +

I made two maple leaf mouse pointers, "wait" and "busy", by myself and I have used these pointers for several months. I made these just for myself but whenever my friends saw my computer, they said these were very good and sometimes they asked me giving them it. However, these were not useful for them because my pointers were designed for left-handed.

Well, I made right-handed edition. Do you like it? These are for Windows. You can download and use it if you would like to. Of course it's free. I think that I don't have to take the trouble to say and you are sick of hearing but, [clear throat], please use it at your own risk and I undertake no responsibility.

[For Right-Handed] (Press [ESC] key to stop animation.)
Image: Right-handed mouse pointer, Wait  R_wait_mpl.cur    Image: Right-handed mouse pointer, Busy  R_busy_mpl.ani

[For Left-Handed] (Press [ESC] key to stop animation.)
Image: Left-handed mouse pointer, Wait  L_wait_mpl.cur    Image: Left-handed mouse pointer, Busy  L_busy_mpl.ani

This web page has an explanation how to switch the mouse pointers.
  - Microsoft: To change the appearance of your mouse pointer

How about to use these pointers on July first for celebrating Canada Day?


My students organised KARAOKE party. I was so happy to have a good time with my students out of the school. We sang a lot of Japanese songs and English songs. One of my students who love J-POP sang new J-POP songs but, well, actually,,, I didn't know some of them. I have been to KARAOKE with my Canadian friends several times in Ottawa but sometimes, always?, they know more Japanese new songs than me! Oh là là, I should learn new J-POP songs!!!

There is one good thing to go to KARAOKE with Canadian friends. It is to be able to listen to English songs by native English speakers. I can enjoy their songs and I don't have to patient with KATAKANA English songs by Japanese. Well, who have to endure listening KATAKANA English songs? They are my Canadian friends, sorry.

According to my experience, these are my best three Japanese songs that warming up the KARAOKE nights with Canadians who are interested in Japan.

1: GACCHAMAN NO UTA (The theme song of Japanese animation GATCHA-MAN)
2: CHIJO-NO HOSHI (The theme song of NHK TV program “Project X”)
3: AMAGIGOE (ENKA; Japanese traditional style song)

I couldn't find the song “CANADA KARA NO TEGAMI (Love letter from Canada)” at the KARAOKE. Come on!

+ Farewell Party +

Well, I will go back to Japan on July 4th to take the intensive training course for a professional Japanese teacher. One of my friends organised Farewell party at his place. I had a really good time with my friends. I got many presents such as Ottawa DVD, Canadian music CD, Tim Hortons travel mug, etc. Thank you. And... I got a very beautiful handmade card. My friend read my journal on this website and drew my Canadian life in the card. I was moved by the beautiful and lovely painting. From me, I gave them Japanese toys, postcards, wood puzzles, etc.

My friends who joined the party were all Canadians. I think it represents my Canadian life. I often hear that Japanese tend to gather Japanese and actually I have seen such groups in Canada. Maybe, I'm not such typical Japanese, eh?

I miss you but it's okay because we can meet again.

Thank you my Canadian Friends!

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