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July 2006

+ Canada Day +

YES! July 1st is Canada Day!!! It is the greatest day in Ottawa every year. My recommendation is around noon at Perliament Hill and Fireworks at 10 p.m.

They have saveral ceremonies at Perliament Hill. My friends and I watched The Guard, some traditional dance, etc (even the Prime minister and the Governor General). My best part of these ceremonies was O Canada by choir and the Snowbirds. It was awsome! really good!

We spend the after noon freely such as shopping, to watch the live music stage, taking a lot of photos, etc.

Afterwards, we watched great fireworks from the park near the Ottawa river. Yeah I know, the fireworks were for Canada, however, I felt Canada celebrated my Canadian life by the fireworks.

Happy Canada Day!

Finaly, I was going to Japan on July 3rd. I'm not sure when the second stage will open but I believe that the curtain which has a maple leaf design will open again.

Thank you / Merci

        /  /                     
 ______/  /____/l                
Japan     (_______________l===============     Canada
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+ Count Down! +


It was my first word when I arrived to Japan. I tired to get the humid air away by my hands but the air never gave up to hag me. I don't like such air but it noticed me that this is Japan. I have to go out with this climate.

Anyways, I tried to check Japan carefully. I think it is a very good chance to feel like a foreigner. Well, the most interesting thing was announce in the train I took from the air port. The announce was like this; "Thank you for using this train today also. We are so sorry; this train is four minutes late. We try to get back this behind by four stations. We are very sorry." It was only four minutes... well, at the next station, "Thank you for using this train today also. We are so sorry, this train was four minutes late, however now, it is three minutes late. We try to get back this behind by three stations. We are very sorry." The announce changed "two minutes" at the next station and changed "one minute" at the following station. Finally, at the fourth station, "Thank you for using this train today also. We are so sorry for inconvenience; this train is on time now. We were very sorry." I wondered there was a similar announce when I was in Japan. Maybe yes, but it was very natural for me because I lived in Tokyo with schedule that had lines by minutes.

I am proud of such very punctual diagram of Japanese trains, however, is it necessary such announce?

Japan is in a hurry.

+ I'm Home +

My home town is Tsuruga city, Fukui prefecture. When I arrived to Tsuruga station last night, Tsunuga Arashito welcomed me.

image: Tsunugaarashito -The Great Genie-  "Welcome Back!"

I heard that he was the frontiersman of Tsuruga and the city name "Tsuruga" was named after him, however, my friends and me, maybe most of all citizens, call him Daimajin (The direct translation is The Giant Demon God; Wikipedia: Daimajin)

Tsuruga is a very rural town, well; it has a lot of greens, seafood, and fresh air. I ate sashimi, drank sake, and saw fire flies.

I had a very relax time.

Well, well, this is a part of map at ****** station (not Tsuruga) that is nearest station of my high school...

image: You are hear - instead of here -  

Yes, I am hear!

+ Canada in Tokyo +

I'm in Tokyo now. Yes, my Tokyo life has restarted. When I was asked where I wanted to go to drink and eat from my friend, my answer was "The Maple Leaf" that is a Canadian Sports Bar and Grill in Shibuya. My friend was a little bit surprised because I didn't say sushi bar or izakaya (Japanese style pub). Yes I already got Canada sick even though I had never gotten home sick in Canada.

Well, first of all, I HAVE TO order Canadian beer! "Eeny, Meeny, Miny, Moe..." What the hell, I had no choice. There were no Canadian beer but "Blue" and it cost 900 yen (about CA$9)! It was a bottle! Not a pint! I miss Canadian, Mouse Head, Sleeman, Keith, Lake Port, and Alpine!

image: Blue

Okay, stay cool, this is Japan. I should drink Japanese beer. Hey, my friends in Canada, I can drink a variety of Japanese beer for cheap, yeah!!! From the second, I drank sapporo. Do you envy me? Oh boy, it is not funny. I am just crying sour grapes...

Oops, I found poutine on the menu! (Even though it cost 800 yen (about CA$8))


image: The view from my house

Yum-yum, yum-yum...

Actually it tasted a little bit different than in Canada; however, I liked the crispy taste and powdered cheese (maybe Parmesan cheese) inside.

I became lighter but also did my wallet.

Hey Canadians that want to open your own restaurant with a reasonable price menu in Tokyo, you are very welcome! You can do it!

+ It's a Big World +

I am taking an intensive Japanese teacher training course now. It is a full time course but it is not hard for me because it is very interesting.

Most of my classmates have experiences of living in foreign countries. I'd like to listen to their experiences and the environment of Japanese language education in each country. I noticed that I only knew a very small bit of the world.

I am enjoying studying Japanese with my good class mates!

It's a big world.

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