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September 2006

+ Fall has Come +

Recently, there are many kinds of sounds from insects near my place. During the day, cicadas sound MI-NN! MI-NN! and JI-! JI-!, it is a little bit noisy and it makes me feel like it is summer, however in the evening, other kind of cicadas called HIGURASHI make a nostalgic sound, Kana kana kana kana (decrescendo). After sunset, several kinds of crickets such as SUZUMUSHI, MATSUMUSHI, etc make harmony sounds, RI-NN RI-NN. The concert by the crickets makes me realize that fall has come.

I thought that I am very Japanese because I feel the seasons by the nature.


I watched Deal or No Deal Japanese version! Even though, that was a special program not a regular TV show. Well, the Japanese version was a little bit different, for example, the MC calls the banker not the other way around, the MC wrote the price by pen, and there were two buttons a Deal button and a No Deal button. Maybe it was because it was a trial program and it didn't matter much. I could enjoy the Japanese version all for except one thing. It was the models! At the beginning of the TV show, you know, 26 girls bring the cases that have each price inside. The Japanese version was same but they were all foreign models, almost all of the models are European. There were no Asian models, even no Japanese models. Well, I can understand why the producer collected such models and, actually, they are very beautiful (I can say DEAL). However I felt it was not a good idea for a major TV show. The producer should use Japanese models and Asian models. I felt a little bit old and typical Japanese thinking way from the Japanese version.

If I were the producer, I would arrange Japanese miss blah blah, maybe a third, more Asian beauties, of course European beauties also, and maybe one nice guy and one gay person. I would let them wear a little bit sexy Yukata (Japanese traditional summer cloth). How about my idea for Japanese version?

Deal or No Deal?

+ The Graduation Day +

Yes! I graduated from the intensive Japanese teacher training course! I got a license and can work as a professional.

Well, after the graduation ceremony, the graduation party was so interesting and very funny. One of my class mates is good at "YASUGIBUHI" that is very traditional Japanese country (funny) dance and another class mate is good at the Hula dance, and another one is good at imitating one of our teachers. Their performances were soooo good! I had had a really good time with my wonderful class mates.

Some of my class mates will go to foreign countries. A few years ago, foreign countries were so far away for me, but now, I can imagine my friends' faces when I listen to their countries names.

What is a border? sigh.

Anyways, my next place is the Philippines, See you!

                         ___        //          
                        /  /       //           
                 ______/  /____/l //            
Philippines     (_______________l               
                     /  /                       

+ Summer Again! +


It was my first word when I arrived in the Philippines. Well, I wrote same phrase two month ago... Dé jà vu? Anyways I took a Taxi to the condominium that the company's staff prepared for me. Some staff were waiting for me at the apartment when I arrived. The guided me the condominium and my boss introduced me to two JOCV Japanese volunteers who live in same apartment and then they guided me to Makati City. I have had the experience of starting a new life in Canada, so I really know how important such information is. I can start my new life smoothly and I can concentrate in my new job thanks to my boss, staff, and such kind people. Yeah, my apartment is located ten minutes by foot from my work place; this is a very calm place even though it is downtown, however, there is no laundry. Why???

It is said that there are only two kinds of people in the Philippines. There are people who have their clothes cleaned and people whose job is laundry service. According to my co-worker, if there were coin laundry, unfortunately, the clothes or some things would be stolen, and others said that the personnel cost is cheaper than the laundry machine cost.


When in the Philippines, do as the Filipino do.

+ Jeepney and Bus +

I went to the Alabang branch from Makati by taxi with my co-worker. However, we went back by jeepney and Bus. Jeepney is a very popular transportation in Philippines. Although it is a middle sized car, however, it can accommodate around 20 passengers.

image: Jeepney  "Jeepney"

The fare was P7.25 (it is about 16 cents). We were so lucky because we could catch a jeepney that had only seven passengers even though it is always crammed. Maybe, my co-worker knew the good time and the good place to catch such a jeepney.

Next we took a bus. My co-worker told me that sometimes I could find Japanese second hand buses that had still Japanese advertisements or some Japanese names in the Philippines. The bus we took wasn't from Japan, alas. Well, there is no time table in Philippines. The drivers try to get as many passengers as they can. The departure time depends on the driver! This is the Philippines. After the departure, the conductor would come to the passengers to collect the fare. It was P22 (it is about 50 cents).

image: Bus Ticket  "Bus Ticket"

Well, the bus's windows were opened widely because the bus didn't have air conditioning. I didn't care about that so much when I got on the bus, however, I changed my mind when the bus got on the high way with the windows still open! The high way was a little bit rough. The bus was rattling, rattling, and rattling with big windy sound on the high way. I could only laugh! It was about 20 minutes; however, I couldn't walk straight when I got off the bus. I don't have to go to theme park :) It was very interesting experience!

This time, I just followed my co-worker. I can't take a jeepney or a bus by myself yet... because I haven't understood which jeepney or bus goes to near my destination.


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