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November 2006

+ Japan Prize 2006 +

My friend who lives in Japan told me that two of Canadian educational documentaries won in Japan Prize, "The Grand Prix Japan Prize" and "Youth Education / The Minister of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology Prize", that is international educational program contest produced by NHK.



I asked my parents to record these programs. I'm looking forward to watching these.

When I talk about Japan Prize, I remember the program that won in 2001. It is "Sound and Fury" entered by Public Policy Productions, the U.S. It made me a lot of thinking because I am very interested in the Deaf culture and Sign Language.

"The possibility of restoring hearing in deaf people using cochlear implants is increasing. This documentary program shows two couples who have young deaf children and their struggle with the difficult decision of whether to give their children the implants or to allow them to grow up as they are."


I think this contest is very good. However, it is reality that people can hardly access these documentaries because of copy right. I think that NHK should make this prize open that enable us to access from the Internet. Why don't they add the requirements that "I accept that NHK use my documentary program as an Internet broadcast contents after I win in the prize." or "I promise to upload my documentary on my web site as an Internet broadcast contents after I win in the prize and I accept that NHK make the link to my site."? I think that they already have discussed such problems, though.

I think that the social framework hasn't been able to keep up with IT technologies.

Hey the Lawyers and the Politicians,

It's your turn!

Just I want to watch the TV!

+ San Miguel +

Today, I will introduce Filipino Beer. You know I LOVE beer, and almost everyday, I drink beer. Well, because it is still 30 degrees delicious, it can't be helped. Don't' you think so?

Anyways, the most famous and the biggest Filipino beer company is San Miguel. There are San Miguel series.

image: San Miguel Six Heroes

From the left, San Miguel Pale Pilsen, San Miguel Light, San Miguel Strong Ice, San Miguel Super Dry, Negra, and Red Hourse. Fall in!

(According to my tongue,) The Pale Pilsen is the standard taste and it is the most popular in the Philippines. If you are new comer, you should drink Pale Pilsen first. The Light is low calorie and yes, light taste. It is popular for young. Well, I don't know why, but, if I drink the Light right after drinking the Pale Pilsen, I will feel a little bit strange taste. I don't recommend drinking these two kinds of beer alternate. The Strong Ice is my favourite one. It has a little bit tea flavors even though my friends don't agree with my impression of the Strong Ice... The Super Dry has a thick taste. Negra is a black beer. People are divided between likes and dislikes. And the Red Horse has very thick taste and strong beer.

Well, which beer I drink tonight? Eeny, meeny, miny, moe,

Cheers to San Miguel six heroes!

+ Wendy's also... +


image: Wendy's Spagetthi    image: Meat source

That's it.

Okay, I will not entry my journal by the same theme...

+ Bang! Bang! Bang! +

Bang! Bang! Bang!

When I had a short sleep in my bed, suddenly, such a loud explosion sound jumped into my years. What's happened? (Actually, first I thought the possibility of the terrorism.) When I checked the outside, the explosion was still continued.

image: Fire Works
Hyu~~~ Bang! Bang! Hyu~~~ Bang!

Yeah! I don't know why they have the fire works, anyways; I should open the beer bottle! Cheers the peace!

Well, according to Filipinos, they have the fire works every week end for cerebrating Christmas from the end of November to Christmas.

Well, it means, will I be surprised every week end?

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