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December 2006

+ Christmas Tree +

Yes, the Christmas is already started...

image: Christmas Tree

This is the Christmas tree in the entrance of my apartment. I think that it is the typical Filipino style decoration. There a lot of big Poinsettias. They use the poinsettia not only for the trees, but also for any Christmas decorations. It is interesting.

I found one more interesting thing. It is that the Christmas tree in the Philippines has no snow ornament! After noticing that, I checked other Christmas trees, decorations, Christmas show windows... Yeah, there is really no snow ornaments. Wow, it is interesting! It reminded me of I am living in tropical country.

This is the Philippines. Okay, I will enjoy the humid Christmas.

+ Busy +

I don't write the detail of my recent work situations on my website, however, it was really, incredibly, unbelievably busy. Actually, there ought to be ten minutes, at least one minutes, for contacting my important people, however, I couldn't. I had no power. Especially, I made my parents worry about me. I am so sorry for my important people and thank you so much for worrying about me.

From January, my work situations will be changed better.

I am tired... I will stay calm in Christmas.

+ Small and Calm Christmas +

My private Christmas was very calm even though the company's Christmas party was so great. Well, I had Vietnamese dishes with my friends in the terrace seats and enjoyed the Christmas songs that were sang by the chorus, and the fire works. Such a small and calm Christmas made me relax. It was really good for me.

Maligayang Pasko (Merry Christmas in Pilipino.)

+ Linux on iMac G4 +

Today, I will write about computer.

I installed Vine Linux 4.0 to iMac G4 with my friend who is a Japanese teacher also. The iMac is belonged his school, however, there is no Mac user now. When I visited his office last week, he had looked for windows or Linux machine for E-learning system server. We thought that the iMac should work for the Japanese Language E-learning system.

There a variety of Linux distributions; however we chose Vine Linux because it has a good Japanese Language environment, easy to install, and be designed for Linux beginners. Anyways, I made a memorandum of the installation for FYI.

1. Downloaded "Vine40-ppc.iso" from the Vine Linux web site.
2. Burned the ISO image to CD-R.
3. Insert the CD-R and turn off the iMac.
4. Turn on the iMac with pushing "C" key for CD boot.
Ta-da! The installer was started!

image: Vine Installer

5. Chose Japanese (you can choose English also) for the installer language.
6. Chose "all" as the install type this time. (Because, first, we just wanted to know this Linux distribution's face. Next time we will choose the server/minimum install type.)
7. Set disk partition using Disk Druid. We couldn't use auto setting because the hard disk was occupied by the Mac system. We had to set by ourselves.
  - Deleted the Mac partition.
  - Created the Apple bootstrap (1MB).
  - Created the Swap partition (512MB).
  - Created the Linux partition (remnant). The mount point is "/" and the file system type is ext3.
8. Set the network as eth0 for DHCP.
9. Made the firewall available with the permission of SSH, HTTP, HTTPS, and FTP.
10. Set Japanese as the System default language and add English language option.
11. Chose the Time Zone as Asia/Manila.
12. Input the root password and created a user.
13. Chose "install the default applications."

And push the NEXT button. About 30 minutes after, the installation was completed. And then, the iMac put out the tongue automatically.

image: iMac Beh-

Beh- (CD Eject)

14. And restart...

image: Linux on iMac G4

You are not interior anymore!

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