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January 2007

+ Happy New Year! +

I had had the New Year's Eve and the New Year's Day with my friends. When I enjoyed listening to some Rock band stage on the main street in Makati, one cute song jumped into my ears. Actually, I have heard the song in a convenience store, maybe, two months before. The cute song has never left from me since that time. I asked my Filipino friends what this song name was with my humming several times, however, nobody could answer. Well, I think it was because of my humming melody... Anyways, it was good chance! Of course I asked the audiences, however, I came in front of the stage with really huge speakers at that time because I was so happy to meet the song again and, you know, such a place was not good for talking. I tried to get any information about the song or the band name using the interval songs. The result was that I only got the name of the band. I'm not sure it is correct or the song is the band's original, however, I heard that it was "Dimago." I could step forward. I think my New Year's first task is to find the cute song by the key word "Dimago" on the Internet.

Well, this year, I don't write resolutions on my website because I could only one thing in 2006. Of course, I'm still learning English and French in the Philippines, even though by myself, and my situations were changed dramatically, and it was the biggest thing to be a Japanese teacher, however, yeah, I don't want to say excuse.

Anyways, anyways, and anyways, I think that I should say something. Okay, I can say I will enjoy my job as a Japanese teacher.

Happy New Year, and all the best to you.

+ High Income, It is not a Ball +

Yes! Finally, I found the cute song, what I wrote previous entry, on the Internet from the key word "Dimago." It was a little bit long road because the band name isn't "Dimago," it is "imago" and I only have a dial-up connection even though I had to listen or watch music clips. I need a broad band connection in my room!

Anyways, the song is "EWAN" by "imago." Here we go.


I turned over on my bed and clapped my hands! My misty feeling was cleared! Wow, it was her who I saw on the stage! I was so lucky to enjoy the live stage!

When I listen to the main part, "Mahal kita, Mahal kita hindi ito bola" in a convenience store, a shopping mall, or from a radio, the melody wouldn't leave from my ears. I think it is cute melody.

Okay, the next step is to know the meaning of the lyrics, isn't it? However, you know, my Pilipino is only salutations. I searched these words, mahal kita hindi ito bola, by my Pilipino dictionary that is an appendix of the guide book. It was very enjoyable time because it became clear what she sang.

According to my dictionary,

Mahal is expensive.
Kita is income.
Hindi is no.
Ito is this.
Bola is ball.

What? Expensive Income No This Ball... Well, I should change the order and the words... Maybe... High income, it is not a ball. What, what, what? For example, the ball intends the world and... Does it mean the world is not money? ...I'm SURE that I am wrong.

I asked what it means to a Filipino who was one of my class's trainees. His answer was "I love you, it's not a joke."

Laugh out to my great effort!

I checked other imago's songs on the Internet. yeah, I like these, I mean melody. Tomorrow, I will go to buy a CD or DVD singing EWAN takid.com version.

High income, high income, it is not a ball :D

Oh, my gosh, I forget asking! What is "EWAN?"

+ A Tank!? +

image: Tank!?

Well, in the Philippines, I sometimes see such a car like some kind of a tank. I had no idea that this is what kind of car. I couldn't find any missile launcher nether any barrels. Maybe this is not a tank. However I thought that this is a sort of military car. I should take a photo for asking to my Filipino friends. I was lucky to find the car that was parking.

Well, when I tried to take this photo, the security guard who had a real rifle gazed me and a little bit approached. Oh, no! Something trouble might be happen? For now, I should make a retreat even though I didn't anything. However, of course I pushed the shutter button so quickly when I looked back in the middle of my retreat way.

Okay. I asked my Filipino friend and the answer was this is called an "armored car."

Oh, my guess that it is a sort of military car was right. Yeah.

And then she also told me that this is a BANK transport truck.


+ Hydrangea +

The other day, the staff of my condominium put the Hydrangea in the lobby. Voila.

image: Hydrangea

As for me, as Japanese, Hydrangea is a flower in June. It reminded me of the rain season has come and summer will start soon in Japan. Well, it is the end of January... So many countries, so many flowers, right?

I remember that my high school friend who was good at chemistry told me that Hydrangea is like a litmus paper. When the soil is acidity, the flower shows blue and when the soil is alkaline, the flower shows red. It is opposit to a litmus paper. Well, according to this knowledge, the soil in the flower pot might be alkaline.

Okay, so what?

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