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March 2007

+ Nihongo Fiesta +

The Nihongo Fiesta was held by the Japan Foundation Manila on March 3rd. The main part of the Fiesta was the 34th Japanese language speech contest. The speech contest in the Philippines was a little bit different from I have ever attended. The stage was set in the event space and the space had also stalls. Maybe it is because the contest was one of the contents of the Fiesta, anyways, the contest was made progress in such relax atmosphere. This is Filipino style!? Well, my acquaintances lost the prizes; however, their speeches were very good.

In the afternoon, many groups entertained us on the stage such as sang Japanese songs, performed Japanese dances, and played short drama. One of them, a Filipino group sang a Japanese song with Japanese Sign Language! Wow!

When I was helping the Japan Foundation's booth, suddenly, I was occupied by one of the groups' performance because they started dancing the Algorithm TAISO and the Algorithm March! You know, I love the Algorithm TAISO (Algorithm March also) and it is very memorable dance for me (May 2006 "The Completion Day").

Algorithm TAISO


Algorithm March


After the group performance, other groups participated in and they performed the dance together. Finally, not only on the stage but also audiences' space, I'm not sure but more than 100 people performed the Algorithm TAISO and the Algorithm March together. Of course, I danced with my friends too!

image: Algorithm March

Enjoy the algorithm TAISO and March with all together.

This is Filipino style!



I can watch some NHK (NHK World Premium) programs in the Philippines. The DIGI STA is one of my favourite TV programs since I was in Japan. Today, I want to introduce two, well three, interesting master pieces.

First one is "OLE Coordinate System."


This is very intellectual. I felt that it is new style of game. For example, I set up some blocks, stairs, and I drop the cast at the end of my design. Yes, you have to lead the cast to another end of my design. Of course, this is just my way; you can enjoy your play style. There is no rule. It's up to you. That is why it is very interesting.

Second one is "Cubie."


Wow, I can create music! Of course I tried my name first. Anyways, the interesting thing is, well, most of the cases; I can enjoy a little bit strange tempo also that I input. It is very interesting. It is also fun that the program has several hidden commands.

Okay, after these interesting software programs, you can enjoy this!

-`> The stream movie is on the bottom of the right side
[http://www.nhk.or.jp/digista/real/0507231.ram (French, subtitle: Japanese)]

I wanted to watch the next story!

Okay, I can suggest Canadian Five! According to original colour (green instead of black)

Red, Canadian!
Green, Mouse head!
Blue, Blue!
Yellow, Sleeman!
Pink, ... pink? Well, pink salmon! (Hey, it is not beer...)

Okay, this is the Philippines, I should suggest the Filipino Five also.

Red, Red Horse!
Black, Negra!
Blue, Strong Ice!
Yellow, Lite!
Pink, ... pink? Well, pomelo! (Hey, it is not beer... It is Filipino fruit!)

I want to watch each country's version!

+ Hair Dyeing +

The other day, I got my hair cut. In the Philippines, I always got my hair cut Php100 (around CA$2.5), well, this price is only hair cut. If you want to have a shampoo or styling, you have to pay the optional fee. Anyways, as for me, it is better to have a shampoo by myself. So I always go back to my room as soon as possible for having a shampoo after the hair cut. Well, when I was getting my hair cut, the hair dresser suggested me hair dye because I have some, I hope "some", white hairs. Oh boy, I remembered my brother's same story last year. He got the same suggestion with the same reason. It was not for fashion. Well, he is three years older than me. According to his experience, I will get such suggestion, three minus one, two years later! However the reality is...

Anyways, my answer was "No, thank you." Because, including the white hairs, it is my natural colour.

I am me. It is okay.

+ My Favourite TV Shows +

I want to introduce two TV shows that have attracted me very much. First one is "MYTH BUSTERS" by the Discovery channel, and another is "UNAN1MOUS."




A verification experiment grasped my heart. It was 360 degrees swing. Have you ever heard when someone was enjoying the swing, he got the speed faster and faster. Finally, his swing went to over the top and came back again.

Actually, I have heard the same story when I was an elementary school student, as the story of the friend of friend. Maybe this story is the world wide, isn't it?

They tried variety kinds of approach such as, using a computer, making a miniature, learned from circus performer. Well, they couldn't. However they never give it up. Finally, they decided to use a dynamite starter. When they used two dynamite starters, they succeed the 360 degrees swing with a lot of smoke. Yes, the result was "Busted."


They always try to solve the interesting theme by the funny method, however, they are very serious and this is very science.



This is a very mental strategic reality show. Nine participants have stayed together in the basement. Their goal is very simple. They have to decide one person who can get the money US$1,500,000 by the unanimous vote. The prize decrease $1 per second and if some of the participants decided to abstain from this game, the prize will cut half. The basement is not allowed the participants to contact to the outside. There is no watch, no telephone, no TV... In such a regulated situation, they got mental stress by themselves and the participants have changed, changed and changed... Wow, it is sort of scary...

It is said that people who like the drama LOST or 24, they like unan1mous also.

I'm wondering that there will be UNAN1MOUS Japan edition. Is the unanimous vote easy for Japanese?

I don't think so.

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