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May 2007

+ Transportations +

My Filipino friends and I went to a China town in Manila. We took a local bus and a train called LRT (Light Rail Transit). Most of the cases, I use a taxi because I am still not familiar with the public transportations in the Philippines. However, with Filipino people, I can enjoy such transportations. This is the bus that my Filipina friend took on the road. (Filipino people are very good at catching the good timing to take a bus on the road; there is no bus stop on the road except at the big terminal...)

image: bus

The bus was from Japan even though the dore was on the right side. Because, in side the bus...

image: button (“Push the button when you get off (in Japanese)”, even though nobody use this button in the Philippines)

The local bus fee was Php10 (it is about CA$0.25).

And this is the LRT and the ticket.

image: LRT  image: Ticket

Inside of the train was very clean. It was very comfortable. Good!

The thicket was name card size and on the right-top, there was a picture of the president Arroyo. The fee was Php15 (it is about CA$0.35) for six stations.

Well, after having a lunch in the China town, we took a Calesa that is a famous vehicle for visitors in the Philippines.

image: Calesa (The Calesa and the coachman)

This is absolutely one horse power!

It was interesting that when the horse walks on an arch, the walking rhythm was changed from paka paka paka paka to pakalap pakalap pakalap pakalap. Well, when we arrived to the end point, the horse exhausted the gas. Ahaha, anyways, I could feel the horse is also one of the lives. I felt a little bit sorry for the horse; however, my life became better thanks to the horse. Thank you the horse.

At a souvenir shop, my Filipina friend presented me this hand fan. That's so cool!

image: Hand fan

Well, I was just sight seeing visitor, ahaha. Thank you my Filipino friends for guiding me of the wonderful local Philippines! I really enjoyed!

Salámat! (Thank you in Filipino)

+ The Holyday for My Liver +

May 14th is the Election Day in the Philippines and it is one of the national holydays. Well, you know, I am Japanese and I don't have a vote right in the Philippines. Actually, as for me, it is just holiday! Yeah!

I went to a convenience store for buying beer, however... what the...? There was a sign instead of beer. The sign said it is banned by law to sell alcohols from 12 p.m. on 13th to 12 a.m. on 14th. Wow, it is good idea for peoples' good decision and preventing a riot. However, oh, no... I didn't know that... If I knew it, I would buy more beer for today.

That is why; today is a holiday for my liver.

+ Thunderstorm +

Recently, I often hear some thunders and got shower. I heard that the rainy season has come to the Philippines. Last night, when my friends and I was having dinner, suddenly, the biggest thunder, since I came to the Philippines, started rampaging above the Makati city. We couldn't leave from the restaurant. I ordered another beer... What could I do?

My Filipina friend told me when she was a kid; she imagined that someone was playing the bowling above the clouds and when the player got the strike or spare, the lightning celebrated to the fine play. Wow, that's very interesting image. Well, I am sure that the last night player got the Turkey!

After going back to my room, I had got the thunder-level (?) good news. It is the Miss Universe 2007. The representative of Japan won. Congratulations! I liked her evening dress.

And Congratulations Miss Photogenic, Philippines!

Maligayang bati! ("Congratulations" in Filipino.)

I opened a bottle of beer... What should I do?

+ Mcdo +

There is a never ending discussion in Japan. It is how to shortcut the name, McDonald’s. In the Tokyo area, people say Mac as the shortcut of McDonald’s and in the Osaka area, people say Macdo. Each people believe each side is correct and they always assert their shortcut strongly as if it might be the one of their identities. Well, actually, both of them are correct because there is no answer. Anyways, I really have been bored by such insignificant discussion for long time.

The other day, I noticed that I was released from this topic in the Philippines. Hey, look at this!

image: MCDO

Mcdo is the shortcut in the Philippines. I asked my Filipino friends about Mcdo for just confirmation. My friends told me that Filipino people say Mcdo as the shortcut.


I heaved a light sigh of relief.

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