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June 2007

+ Bohol 1 +

My friend invited me of a trip to Bohol Island two days before of the departure. I thought that it was a very good chance to enjoy the nature of the Philippines; actually, almost all of my life in the Philippines is in the Makati city. I should join, shall I? However, there was one thing that I wondered. My friend reserved the air ticket for us, it was four members party, and however, we only had the air tickets. Well... Where would we stay? I heard that the two friends have a lot of experiences as backpackers. I thought that it was an interesting to try such backpackers' style.

Anyways, DEPATURE!


When we arrived to the Bohol airport, many guides were waiting for us by themselves. Ahaha. My friend picked up a guide and he drove us to Alona beach for finding the hotel. Third time, we found a good cheap hotel very near the beach. It was Php800/night (It is about CA$20.) The room was tiny and clean. The room doesn't have air conditioner, however, I have lived in the Philippines for nine months, and it was no problem. I learned we can get along somehow. My friends are very dependable!

We decided to have a dinner at the restaurant on the beach. We choose seafood beside the restaurant, and they cocked that for us. It was very good taste! We took the diner on the beach hearing the wave and watching the innumerable stars in the whole sky.

image: the Fish  -->  image: the Dinner

When we were having the dinner, my friend suggested us that we should take off the sandals. Yeah, I felt the smoothly sand directly. Very Relax.

After arriving to the beach, I felt something strange in my ears. There was too calm. I only hear the nature sound, wave and wind. That's it. There was no artificial sound. Wonderful!

Good friends, good food, and good nature. Nice!

To be continued...

+ Bohol 2 +

The second day in Bohol; it was the main day of the sight seeing. The plan was

1: To visit the historical place, Blood Compact.
2: To visit the oldest wood church in the Philippines, Baclayon Church.
3: To have a lunch on the tour boat on the Loboc river.
4: To meet Tasier.
5: To see the Chocolate Hills.
6: To see the Man Made Forest.
7: To cross the Hanging Bridge.
8: To swim at the beautiful beach.

Oops, a lot...

Anyways, I want to write about No.3, No.5, and No.8. Well, regarding to the other spots, you can find good information on the Internet. Ahaha.

No. 3: To have a lunch on the tour boat on the Loboc river.

Actually, I was really wondering this activity because I hate a boat, ship, even cruiser. I always get a sick soon after getting a boat. Fortunately, my friends and I could get better seats which I could breath fresh air and see far away. The boat went on the river smoothly with live electric piano music. I could enjoy the Filipino scenery. The half way of the river road, the cute entertainers, I think that they are elementary school students, were waiting for us. When we reached to the raft, they started dancing and singing "Boom tarat tarat" that is one of the most popular songs in the Philippines. During the way, I saw many kids who enjoyed swimming in the river, a kid who enjoyed a swing hanged by a palm tree, or a Filipino who tried to catch fish by a net, etc. Such atmosphere reminded me of a boat attraction in Tokyo Disney Land.

image: the Boat image: Loboc River

Maybe it was the first time for me not to get a sick on a boat. I enjoyed the tour very much!

No. 5: To see the Chocolate Hills.

What? How? Why? Nobody knows.

image: the Chocolate Hills

It was very interesting view. Before the rainy season, the plants on the hills are dried and coloured brown, like a chocolate colour. That is why it is called the chocolate hills. When we came to there, some parts were already got a little bit green; however, I was surprised by such curious view. It is said that the ground was risen up and the pile of the limestone had gotten the weathering. On the other hand, it is said that once upon a time a Giant was rejected by a girl. He cried and the tears became the hills...

BTW, the around of the hills is also interesting. It was very green, the fields, the palm trees, the grounds... Such strong greens were very impressive for me.

No. 8: To swim at the beautiful beach.

White Sands, Palm trees, the Blue Ocean, and the Clear Sky... Yes, this is the Philippines!

image: the Beach

Actually, it has been ten years since I swam last time. Wow. However, my body didn't forget how to swim. I saw the sun set from the ocean because the beach toward to east!

Oh, my vacation was finished with such beautiful memories. Thank you my friend for giving me such a good chance and thank you the beautiful nature, the Philippines!

+ My Refrigerator +

My friend and I had a farewell and welcome party in my room. My good friend who is one of the JOCV (Japan Overseas Cooperation Volunteers) members will go back to Japan in the middle of July. The people who attend the party were five. They came to my room with "drinks." That is why, my refrigerator became this.

image: My fridge is for occupied be the Beer.


We ate very good taste chicken curry which was made by the friend who will go back to Japan. And of course, drank, drank, and drank.

The next morning, when I opened my fridge to drink water, I was very surprised.

Where has the Beer gone???

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