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September 2007

+ Farewell Party +

My best friends in the Philippines had a farewell party for me. I had a very good relax time. Actually, they helped me a lot, not only in business but also in my private. I appreciate them very much. I have been able to live and work in a very good condition for one year in the Philippines thanks to them.

Well, I got a cool T-shirt from them.

Philippines T-shirt

I like it!

Salamat po!

Well, my typical "Oops, I did it again" is to say or to write welfare party instead of farewell party.

+ Salamat Po Pilipinas +

Actually, still I didn't feel the reality that I go back to Japan even though it was the morning. I said thank you to my room and I left from the condominium.

Only ten meters I pushed and pulled my suitcase from the condominium, I felt something strange from my suitcase and I found it. One of the rollers was broken! Oh, no! What should I do? Exactly the time, a taxi stopped besides me. I thought that I should take a taxi at a taxi terminal, not on streets, because of security; however, I had no choice. I took the taxi with suspicious mind. Well, fortunately, the driver was a good man and very well knows a local system. When the taxi approaches the security check gate, the driver required me of five peso for the security check. I thought that it was a security check fee; however, my idea was wrong. The driver gave the five peso to the security guard, and then the guard was allowed us to enter the gate with no check. Yeah, in other words, it was a security check fee. Thanks to the good driver, I could arrive to the air port in very reasonable price and with smooth access.

Well, in the air port, a check-in staff told me that my luggage was overweight. Oops, I did it again! This time, I already divided my luggage into two. However, the staff told me that free check in is up to 25kg in total. No way! When I came to the Philippines, there was no claim about the weight. Of course, the conditions of such rules are changed well, however, up to 25kg? That's too light! I can't understand. Especially as for me, I packed yearly my things. It was very clear that I couldn't reduce. I negotiated and negotiated. I could reduce the additional fee even though I couldn't make it free charge. I thought that I became a little bit stronger than before.

Well, the airplane had a lot of vacant sheets. I could occupy three sheets. Yeah, it was very comfortable even my class was economy. I was very lucky.

Well, from the flight, I was put in a really Japanese language pool. The passengers' conversations, the announcements by the cabin attendants, what are more the magazines in the airplane. It was a funny feeling, when I opened the Japanese magazine; I got sick a little bit. Of course, one of the reasons was because of flight sick; however, it was also true that I was beaten by the Japanese language wave. During in the Philippines, I thought that I spent the time in Japanese world very much because of my job. However, maybe I used to the Philippines style.

Narita air port was very clean until the corner of the corner. I felt Japanese style very much from such clean facilities. Well, the corridor toward to the immigration, there were several welcome signs in several languages and the last sign was this;

Welcome Back

"Welcome Back (in Japanese hiragana)"

The sign touched my heart. Especially, it was written by Hiragana. Hey, the person who produced the signs idea, thank you.

Hey, my friends in Japan, I'm home!

                         /  /                    
                 | _____/  /_____                
          |_______________)   Japan
               //     /  /                       
              //     /__/                        

+ Tears +

September 13th, the following day of my arrival, I heard really bad news. My grand mother past away. When I arrived to my grand mother's place, she was in a coffin. I couldn't stop crying. Tears came after tears. I didn't expect that I would drop such a lot of tears. I understood that I love my grand mother very much. I touched her cheek and I said thank you. Actually, I am writing this entry with tears. It maybe requires me of a little bit long time to accept this reality.

+ Tears Again +

The following day of my grand mother's funeral, I heard another bad news... My uncle in law past away... I can't find a word.

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