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December 2007

+ A Failure Notification +

I had applied to a job in Toronto and I tried to the examination. The other day, I got an email which told me about my failure.

I am woeful...

+ The HDD Reached the Limit +

Finally, my computer wouldn’t start from the HDD. I always see the error message urging me to restart after the BIOS screen. According to my trial, my computer would work at a rate of a thirtieth. I think that it already has come to the limitation. I have to say good bye to my HDD.

So far so bad...


Today, my family members cerebrated my mother's sixtieth birthday. In Japan, the sixtieth birthday has a special meaning. It is called "KANREKI", it means to return the calendar. Return the calendar?

Well, in Japan there is a zodiac calendar which has two kinds of year periods. The one is a set by ten years and the other, the popular one, has twelve years. The lowest common multiple between ten and twelve is sixty. The calendar gets the same year pattern every sixty years.

In traditionally, the sixty years old person wears a red sleeveless coat, it is said that such red colour prevent the person from evil things, which is given by the family members; however, I heard that recently the number of such people has been decreased and my mother didn't wear too.

Anyways, we gave her travel gift cheques and we had a full course dinner together in a French restaurant. It was really good. Especially, I love the smoke salmon! I have never seen such thick smoke salmon.

image: The smoke salmon

I was really happy to meet such wonderful smoke salmon. Oops, it was my mother's birthday, not mine.

Well, the old days, sixty years old meant very senior, however, recently it is not true in Japan. A lot of sixty years old people are healthy and lively in Japan. Actually, according to the WHO report (2006), the Japanese average life expectancy of men is 79 years old and of women is 86 years old. Both of them are the best all over the world. "Sixty years old, okay, and... so What?" Ahaha, it's very good.

Well then, the calendar has another definition "DAI KANREKI (DAI means great)" for 120 years old.


+ A Memorandum of Replacing HDD +

I succeed to replace my HDD. I will make a memorandum of it.

PC: Victor InterLink MP-XP741
The broken HDD: IC25N060ATMR04 [60GB]

I referred to this website (written by only Japanese language): http://www.prolib.com/
-> [Mobile library] -> [Disassemble and replace the HDD of Inter Link MP-7310]

What I bought.
New HDD: HITACHI Travelstar 5K160 HTS541616J9AT00 [160GB]
TORX Driver: T-7H

What I made.
Steel stick: To straighten a round clip.
Wooden minus driver: To sharpen a chopstick according to the website. I recommend making two drivers.

Other useful tools.
The cleaning tools such as cotton swabs, tooth picks, a pair of (hair) tweezers, tooth brash, etc.
(It was awesome the inside of my laptop by dusts, hairs, and something...)

I wanted to get a new HDD that is more than twofold (120GB) of the old one, the price is about ten thousand yen (it is about CA$100), and 4,200 rpm because of the heat. However, I couldn't get such HDD due to sold out or finish the production. I didn't expect that. Well, after all, I decided the HDD because it has a good cost performance, and I read several success stories of the HDD on some websites. So far, the heat hasn't bothered me (maybe it is because winter now?) and I can feel faster than I expected, so good.

My procedure of how to replace is the same as the website basically. The advices on the website were very useful. Thank you Professional Library. Especially the wooden minus drover was incredible.

Well, anyways, I tried to do; however, I didn't know the detail of how I should do. I disassemble the parts with big heart beat. I still don't know my way was correct, however, I'll write my way to solve about difficult parts for me, just for your information.

1: How to unplug the wireless LAN cable.

image: The wireless LAN cable    image: How to unplug the wireless LAN cable

I put my wooden minus driver under the cable and pushed up the part of the connection slowly, it worked. Before you unplugged these cables, I strongly recommend take a note which line connected which plug. Actually, I confused which was which when I reassembled.

2: How to remove the keyboard.

First, I inserted the wooden minus driver between the "Del" key and the body and pushed up the keyboard a little bit. Second, I pushed the hook upper the "Pause" key. Then I pushed the middle hook and the left hook the same way. It worked.

image: The connection of the keyboard and the mother board.    image: How to unplug the keyboard cable.

When I make the connection loose, I could withdraw the flat cable itself. I thought that I broke it because I expected the end of the flat cable had a plastic connecter. However, it might be okay because I could reassemble.

Well, the connections about LCD and speakers are made by plastic and metal, not the cable itself.

3: How to remove the palm rest.

image: The hook on the back.

I tried to push the hook by the steel stick; however, I inserted the stick into the body instead of pushing the hook because the stick was too thin. Actually, I inserted several times before I succeed to push the hook. I should check the hook carefully and use better stick that is not too thin and thick.

image: The mother board.    image: Removed the HDD.

When I reassemble the parts in the opposite order, there was no problem except the wireless LAN cables.

This is the screen which the BIOS has recognized the HDD.

image: The BIOS screen.

This is the property window.

image: The property window.

When I see this property window first time, I was a little bit shocked because the OS has recognized this HDD as 149GB. Of course, you know, it means the difference between count by 1000 bytes and 1024 bytes, the thing is, 160*1000^3/1024^3=149. Actually, the OS says "160,039,239,680 bytes" on the left of "149GB". However, I feel that I loose about 10GB, ahaha.

Anyways, I am happy to success the replace of the HDD.

I love this laptop more than before.

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