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June 2008

+ My Next Place +

I passed examinations and interviews for dispatching program of Japanese language teachers by a Japan-Russia international organization. I will teach Japanese at a University in Irkutsk, Russia from September. The first contract is for ten months, however, it will be able to update. Actually, I have been interested in teaching at a university. Yeah, it is a very good chance for me. I'll try to do my best in Irkutsk.

First of all, I have to learn Russian language for my survival... Well, my Russian vocabularies are only "Да (yes)" and "Спасибо (thank you)" [I'm not sure these Russian spellings are correct, just copy and paste from somewhere]. Actually, it is the first time for me to go to a country that English is not official language. Wooo, it is true that I have something worry about; on the other hand, it is also true that I am a little bit excited.

Of course I drink vodka tonight.


Well, Irkutsk is located the west edge of Baikal Lake.

image: Irkutsk

You didn't know that? Me neither...

+ Decayed Teeth +

I went to a dental clinic near my place for cleaning my teeth. Actually, it has been more three years since I went to a dental clinic last time, before going to Canada. I used to meet my dental doctor once or twice a year, however, I didn't going to a dental clinic in Canada and the Philippines. I thought that I should make my teeth clean before going to Russia.

Well, the doctor told me that my teeth and gums were good even though I didn't come to a dental clinic so long time, however (yeah, you know, the important thing is always after "however"), my three teeth had a little problems. One of them had a small injury, yeah actually I knew it, and two of them were decayed faintly.

Oh no, I have decayed teeth?!

I was shocked. Fortunately, the erosion level was very low and according to the doctor, they were curable by several treatments and they didn't have to be pulled out. Maybe, I am lucky to find my decayed teeth in Japan.

How do you brush everyday? I was a Sonicare user for more four years; however, I threw away it in the Philippines because the battery was broken. Actually, the battery error was already appeared some times since when I was in Canada, and when I was in the Philippines, it runs down completely. My electric toothbrush never vibrated again... I thought that it died a natural death.

Well, now I know I have decayed teeth and then I am wondering about getting a new electric toothbrush. Should I buy an electric toothbrush in Russia because of the power plug or alternative brush head?

+ HIV-infection Test +

Last week, I took a medical examination and HIV-infection test due to go abroad Russia. The people who want to get a visa to stay in Russia for over three months have to submit the certificate of HIV negative. Well, the Internet told me that now a lot of countries require the certificate of HIV-infection test negative results for (long stay) visa; well Japan also requires it in some cases. Oh, I didn't know that.

...and then, I got the results today.

The results of each items of the medical examination were all green and the result of HIV-infection test was negative.

I am healthy! Yeah!

Oops, I have an appointment to meet my dental doctor. I am not healthy... Nooo!

+ How to Input Russian (Windows XP) +

When I started studying French, I was a little bit in trouble for typing some alphabets like "à", "é", or "ç". Well, after setting the IME, I could input such French alphabets, even though I have to remember which key is the key. However such special alphabets are not so many and I didn't feel much trouble to remember the key layout. Okay, next is Russian. I can set the IME to be able to input Russian; it is the same way of the French, it is easy.

START > Control panel > Regional and language options > [Text services and input languages: Details]

image: The Setting 1

[Installed services > Add]

image: The Setting 2

[Select Russian and Russian(Typewriter) from the scroll-down menu under "Input languages" and "Keyboard layout/IME"]

image: The Setting 3

Here we go.

image: IME

Ta-da! I did it. I can input Russian in my computer.

Well, uh? Hummmmmmm, what? So... Well, well, well... I don't know the Russian keyboard layout! Which keys are which and which and which???? Oh boy...

When I was holding my head, I found a good idea which is very simple and I have never used the function.

It is the Screen Keyboard!

START > Run > [Input "osk" in the text box and click "OK" Button.]

image: The Screen Keyboard

Yeah! I can input Russian alphabet clicking the keys on the screen keyboard. Perfect!

Oh, this is also good for the French typing.

...yeah, yeah, I know, I have to learn Russian spelling first.

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