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August 2008


Today, I took a SHODO class which was one of the training programs. Well, it has been so long time trying SHODO since I was a junior high school student. When I towered to a Japanese paper, I stretched my back and took a deep breath naturally, wow. After I wrote several characters, I got two beautiful papers. The teacher told me that I could write any word which I liked. Well, first, I decided to write "RO" in KANJI.


Russia in KANJI

This KANJI means Russia. Well, the upper space is for a magnet bar when I will put this on a white/black board in the Japanese class in Russia... yeah I know this is just excuse...

Then, I have one more KANJI which I wanted to write very much. It is "KAEDE."


Maple in KANJI

This KANJI means Maple! YES, CANADA!

When I was a junior high school student, I could write well, however, now... I should consider about the layout more carefully, shouldn't I? Ahaha, but anyways, I enjoyed the SHODO class very much.

When the class was finished, I felt something strange. What? What happened? Why? Why did I feel strange?

It was because...

Oh, I didn't get dirty by SHODO ink.

I found that I grew up.

+ The Theatre +

I went to the Sunshine Theatre in Ikebukuro Tokyo, with my friends to watch the stage drama "Wait Until The Storm Comes" by the Caramel Box. The story was a kind of mystery and one of the main characters was a Deaf girl. Yeah, actually, the friends are sign language interpreters and the reason for deciding to watch the stage was not only the Caramel Box was very famous and good theatre company, but also the drama picked up the sign language. (Well, the Caramel Box is not Deaf theatre, and the stage was not made for Deaf audience even though the drama treats the sign language, just FYI.) Well, I refrain from writing about the story on my website; but anyways, the stage was so wonderful and very interesting. I was struck by the power of the live stage.

The Brochure

Well, I want to do theatregoing in Russia also; however, I don't understand the Russian language, yet...

I will say, "Where is a pantomime show?"

+ In Tsuruga City +

I went back to my home town, Tsuruga city. In Tsuruga, we have a ceremony of a lantern which leads our ancestors', family members', or friends' souls to the return way to the heaven. My parents and I released the lantern for my grand mother, my uncle and my cousin who passed away last year.

Lanterns    Lanterns in the night

After that, a great fireworks event was held on the beach (Who said that this was the main purpose for me to come to the beach? Well, I don't deny). 13,000 fireworks were launched from ships on the sea!

Fireworks 1    Fireworks 2

Fireworks 3

What a powerful, and how wonderful these fireworks were!

Well, when the last fireworks was finished, I felt that the summer was also finished, even though it is still humid. Ahaha.

+ Russian Bread +

I found a "Russian Bread" in a convenience store.

Russian Bread

Russian Bread? Okay, I just tried it. It was a soft, a little bit moist, and sweet. Well, it was very simple taste bread. After ate the bread, I found the explanation, oops... According to the Yamazaki Baking, they learned the shape of Bread which was ate in Russia and East Europe. Then, they customized the taste for Japanese. Oh boy. This is Russian looking Bread.

I am wondering what Russians say when they eat the bread.

I'm very interested in.

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