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September 2008

+ The Departure +

Finally, my visa was issued and the departure date was decided. It is Sept 15th. Today, I cleaned up my room, send a package by EMS, and bought a new suitcase. You know, my ex-suitcase was broken when I went back to Japan from the Philippines, I think it was because the over weight... This time, I have to care about not to pack too much.

Well, when I was looking for good suitcase in a shopping mall, I found it.

The Suit Case

Wow, it's cute, isn't it? I decided this cute one as my travel partner.

Nice to meet you, and the four rollers, hang in there!

Go to Russia

+ In Khabarovsk +

Before arriving to Irkutsk, I came to Khabarovsk for making a greeting to the council and vice-councils. Irkutsk is under the jurisdiction of Khabarovsk consulate and you know I am dispatched by one of government organizations. Well, they were very nice people, kindly and very cooperative. Their attitudes blew away my anxious about Russian life. I was very happy to make such good network.

After the meeting, my co-worker, who is dispatched to other university, and I took a walk in the Khabarovsk city.

The View From the Hotel
(The view from the hotel)

Uspenski Shrine  Lenin square
(Uspenski Cathedral and Lenin Square)

It had a little bit strong wind, however, it was very good climate and I could feel autumn.

Finally, finally, and finally the summer was finished!

+ Irkutsk +

I arrived to Irkutsk where my destination is. The coordinator of Japan information centre, my new boss -both of them are Russian- and Japanese language teacher who is Japanese - he has lived in Russia for more ten years - welcomed me. They are very nice people and I felt that we could make a good relationship. I will lean on them very much.

Well, the university had prepared one of the dormitory rooms which for teachers. Well... according to the explanation, the room was much better than students' rooms. However as for me, who were from Japan just only two days before, the facility is "wonderful"...wow. Anyways, this is Russia and I have to throw away the Japanese standard. Yeah, actually, it's bigger and calmer than Japanese room. Nice to meet my new room!

Tomorrow, my boss will bring me to the University and introduce me to the co-workers, staff, and the big boss. I'm looking forward to seeing my new work place.

My Russian life has begun!

+ Where is Here? +

Yesterday, the boss brought me to the University, the Japanese co-worker introduced me to the big boss, and I applied some documents.

Irkutsk State Linguistic University [Irkutsk State Linguistic University]

Then, the first lesson was waiting for me this morning, however,


Well, teachers and students who live in the dormitory go to the University by trolley bus, bus, or small bus (it is called marshrutka). This morning, I confirmed the bus's number several times and I took the correct one, however, I was in somewhere over the rainbow. I only understood I was in a sort of emergency. Well, I tried to ask the driver in English. YES, I can speak English! The driver told me something in Russian. YES, this is Russia! Of course, I completely didn't understand what the driver said. Oh, boy... Just only I could guess that I missed the bus station where I should get off. Fortunately, there were a TAXI the opposite side. I took it and I showed my business card which has the address of the University. However, the driver introduced another driver. He didn't know the address? What's the hell, where am I? The second driver said okay, however, I couldn't define he was sure or not from his face. I left from my room very early this morning for the first lesson, however, the advantage got less and less. I picked up my cell phone and pushed the Japanese co-worker's number. Please, please, please...

"Moshi Moshi" (Hello in Japanese)

His voice was the light for me.

Thanks to his explanation in Russian, I could get to the University finally, even though I was tooooooooo late the first lesson...

Well, he told me that didn't worry about it because every one made same mistake. My boss and other co-workers gave me smile. I could get recover my feeling thanks to the good co-workers and boss.

And then, the boss made promise me that he would bring me to the University the next morning.

Thank you very much.

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