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October 2008

+ Angle Crossing +

I took several photos in the centre town of Irkutsk. there a lot of good design buildings, like this.

Building 1 Building 2
(shoping street)

Well, actually, the sidewalks has some irregularities, however, the buildings' designs are very cool and I like the street view. Now, I only can just look around the town, I hope that I will be a good shopper soon.

Then I took a rest in Kirov Square for my legs.

Kirov Square  (Kirov Square)

Well, I pass through this park every day because it is located between the bus stop and the university. And, every morning, I have an interesting experience that I have never had before coming to here. It is...

Angled zebra zone  (Angled zebra zone)

Did you learn not to angle cross a street in your elementary school? I did. Well, when I walked on this zebra zone for the first time, I hit a person who walked left side of me because I walked straightly in unconsciousness.

What an interesting idea which make a zebra zone in slantingly!

I was released from the fix idea in Irkutsk.

+ Japanese Language Speech Contest +

The 13th Far East and Eastern Siberia Japanese Language Speech Contest was held in Yuzino-Sakhalinsk on October 9th. Then I went to Yuzino-Sakhalinsk for supporting two of my students who participated in the speech contest. They did their best even though other students got the prizes, however, according to my judge; my students were No.1 and No.2 by the same point.

The happiest thing was that they told me that they enjoyed the contest and they became like to make a speech in Japanese. Such their growing up is the most wonderful present for me.

By the way, well, I don't want to write the detail on my web, however, as for me who is Japanese, it was true that I was in something complex feeling in Yuzino-Sakhalinsk in historical and political meanings. War doesn't remain any good things. I hope my job make a good progress the relationship between Russia and Japan even it were very small step.

Well, well, well... I found this at Vladivostok airport when I was in the transit stay.

Angled zebra zone in Vladivostok  (Angled zebra zone in Vladivostok)

Hummm, I am not good at taking a photo, however, this zebra zone has also an angle.

Anyways, people who want to angle cross should visit to Vladivostok or Irkutsk!

+ SNOW! +

It snowd in Irkutsk. Actually, I heard that it already snow in Irkutsk last week, however, I missed the first snow because I was in Yuzino-Sakhalinsk at the time. Today, when I was teaching in my class, I saw the snow through the window. Of course the lesson was stopped for a while and I said "Hey, look out! it is snowing! yeah! Snow! Snow!" However the person who was happy was only me. There was the lack of students' reaction. One of my students frowned at the snow. After going back to the teachers' room, I also couldn't find happy face, like me. When we talk about the snow and my favourite season winter, one of teachers asked me the same question that I was asked in Ottawa. It was, after I experience Irkutsk's winter, will I be able to say I love winter again?

Ahaha, I will be able to say it again.

According to the weather cast, it will be under minus ten this week... Wow, maybe, Irkutsk's winter is earler, colder, and longer than Ottawa.

However, I will be able to say I love winter again, I think.


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