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December 2008

+ The Japanese Language Proficiency Test 2008 +

JLPT 2008 was held on December seventh at Irkutsk State Linguistic University. I supported to the test as one of the examinants. I invigilated Level 2 class. Some of candidates were my students. Of course, I behaved in fare, but especially in the listening module, I imagined the correct number strongly in my head. I wondered whether mu students got my telepathy.

Anyways, I was sort of nervous. It was because not only the first experience as the examinant, but also the candidates' nervousness communicated itself to me. Actually, I really understood their situations because I have a lot of experiences as a candidate of language tests, like IELTS or TOEIC. Well, you know (and I know), even if I got a kind of nervousness, the score of the candidates wouldn't be changed. However, I found that I had synchronized them.

I am looking forward to hearing good news from my students on February.

+ Minus 32 Degrees +

Minus 32 Degrees  (Minus 32 Degrees!)

YEAH! It's colder than an industrial freezer!

Oh my nose, oh my nose, OH MY NOSE!

My nose is too aching. It is seemly picked...

Yeah! This is the Russian winter! GOOD!

+ Christmas? +

I got a Christmas card from Canada on December 24th. And then I noticed that it was Christmas Eve. I had completely forgotten about today because there has been not so strong Christmas atmosphere in Irkutsk even though most of Russians are Christians. Actually, I made one of the critical examinations for my Japanese class on December 24th and the end of my working day of this year is December 30th! Oh, boy... it is ordinary the end of month, isn't it?

Well, I asked why they don't cerebrate Christmas on December 24th or 25th to a Russian. According to the Russian, actually, a lot of Russians are Christians, however, almost all of them belong to the Russian Orthodox Church and they celebrate Christmas on January seventh. Humm, I am a little bit interested in how they cerebrate the Christmas.

Anyways, December 24th and 25th are just ordinary days in Irkutsk.

+ Regarding to the Christmas +

The ice sliding and the tree  (The ice sliding and the tree)

The huge ice sliding and the tree were built in Kirov Square. Finally the tree was light-up. Of course I thought that these are for the Orthodox style Christmas. However, according to the Russians, these are for the New Year's Day than Christmas. Well... I heard that in the Soviet are, any religions were restricted by the government and people who believe god couldn't get a good position. To cerebrate Christmas has religion meaning so much and it became less popular in Russia; on the other hand, to cerebrate New Year's Day doesn't have religion meaning so much and it became popular in Russia.

I could understand the reason why there are not so strong Christmas atmosphere in Irkutsk. Russians have such historical and political background, don't they?


Around ten horses and ponies emerged to the Kirov Square from somewhere for getting a generous rider. And then I was so surprised!

Camel  (Camel)


A camel in Russia... sort of interesting...

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