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March 2009

+ Update my Contract +

I had applied to extend my contract and it was accepted. I will work in Irkutsk next year also. I am very happy because all co-workers gladed about my extension.


+ Sticking Out of Your Index Finger and Baby Finger! +

One of my students asked me if I was interested in band music after a Japanese lesson. When I said yes, he began to draw a map and wrote the time and date on the map. There was a live house which is called «ОБЪЕКТ 01» (OBJECT01). He told me that he would play base guitar in the live house on the Friday. Well, when I asked him what kind of music he would play; the answer was a gesture of nodding. Actually, I like jazz or classic music, however, I thought that it was interesting to listen to band music, maybe sort of rock or hard rock, because, especially this time, my student would play. Then I replied him to come to the live house on the Friday.

Yeah, I went to the live house. He welcomed me and introduced his band members. Then he showed me the event poster.

The event's poster

M? Metal? Hail? What's that?

The MC introduced the first band and the event was started!

The first one was a "NEW HEAVY METAL," the second was "POWER METAL," the third was "THRASH METAL" and then "HEAVY METAL," "DEATH METAL," blah blah METAL, !#$ METAL, %+* METAL... And then, my student's band played "MODERN METAL" in the seventh.

I nodded hard as possible as I could. And my ears were exposed in such METAL sounds for four hours. I enjoyed and I was happy because I could see such different face of my student. He was more agleam on the stage than in my class.

Отлично! ("Excellent" in Russian; well, it means "A" in Russian universities.)

+ Russian Salad +

I was invited to a farewell party. Two of my students will go study abroad to Japan. Well, I think that it is because of linguistic university, there are many students who have the experience of study abroad to Japan.

By the way, at the party,
When I took a spoon of salad from a centre bowl, I found something strange inside. Well, it was rice. First I thought just one rice jumped into the salad as an accident. However, a grain of rice emerged one after the other. No way! Can you imagine a salad which has grains of rice?


When I said it was very interesting, one of my students, who has experience of study abroad to Japan, told me, it is very natural in Russia. And, according to my students, the really interesting thing for Russians is Macaroni salad. All my students told me that it is weird. Humm, interesting... I have never thought about whether macaroni salad is weird or not. Well, maybe it is the same thing that, almost all of Russians never thought about whether a salad which has grains of rice is weird or not.

I was really surprised!

So many countries, so many salads!?

+ The Dirtiest Season +

Spring is coming. Well, it means, now it is the dirtiest season in Irkutsk. There a lot of slush and puddles around my dormitory or the university. Well, I gave up to care about to be sprinkled with dirt. And, a lot of "The lost things" which had slept under the snow have waked up and saluted "Доброе утро! (Good morning in Russian)".

According to my co-workers who are Russian, especially around the dormitory, the road has not been covered by asphalt for over ten years and the parts of asphalted roads also doesn't have smooth drain systems.

However, Irkutsk has very dry climate, I think that it is very helpful to dry the roads.


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