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May 2009

+ The Trans-Siberian Railway +

Yeah, speaking of Russia, it is the Trans-Siberian Railway.


The Trans-Siberian Railway (The Trans-Siberian Railway)

My students took part in the West Siberia Area Japanese Speech Contest would be held on May 10th in Novosibirsk. The students, my co-worker and I went to Novosibirsk by the railway. Well, as for me it was the first time and I had been a little bit interested in the Railway. However, there was a problem. It was,,, well, well, it took 32 hours from Irkutsk to Novosibirsk!

What's the hell!

Last month, we welcomed students and teachers from Novosibirsk, well, now it was our turn, wasn't it?

The Railway has three classes. The first class is a compartment for two people. The second class is a compartment for four people (like a Hogwarts Express). And then, the third class doesn't have a compartment. It has three two-storied beds in a block which made by partitions.


Actually, I was at a loss for words when I entered the railway's wagon. The atmosphere was a little bit "wonderful..."

The Third Class 1    The Third Class 2 (The two-storied beds)

Hang in there me! I could enjoy seeing the view from the window.

Here we go with a BGM in my mind!

Betula Alba Woods 1

Here we go!

Betula Alba Woods 2

And here we go!

Betula Alba Woods 3

You can enjoy the Betula Alba woods for 32 hours.

+ West Siberia Area Japanese Speech Contest +

They did it! Three students got prises; the second place in the beginner group, the first place in the middle group, and the second place in the advanced group.

Congratulations! Well, my co-worker and I also made comments on the beginner class's and the middle class's speeches as the representatives of the judges.

We all made good jobs!

After the speech contest, we went to the ballet theatre. Novosibirsk is a very famous city where you can watch a good ballet stage.

At that time there were only modern ballet stages. Well, I enjoyed watching the stage. When I was watching the stage, I remembered my entry. What I watched the stage was not Pantomime show but Ballet, it was nice. The dancers' jumps were really amazing. They stayed long time in the air. It was also interesting that there were no foot step sound on the stage. It made me feel the art.

Well, when I looked up the sealing of the stage in the interval break, I felt something strange. Then I also looked up the sealing of the audience part, I also felt something strange. I am not the expert; however, I thought that the architectural design was out of the perspective representation for the good viewing of the stage performance. It was an interesting.

The audience' seats (The audience' seats)

I accomplished a great deal today. Thanks for my students, the teachers in Novosibirsk, and all staff.

Actually, tonight I want to drink another bottle of beer; however, I refrain from drinking more because,

I will have to straggle with the "Third Class" tomorrow.

+ Дурак (Durak: fool in Russian) +

When we came to Novosibirsk, we had a task which was the preparations for the speech contest. However going back to Irkutsk, what do we do for the 32 hours? (I couldn't study because reading or writing in the train made me got a sick.) Well, unfortunately, our seats were separated due to the other passengers' reservations. Well, when I noticed, I already had been surrounded by young men who were Russian militaries. Anyways I tried to say "Здравствуйте (Hello in Russian)" from me; however, I didn't find any words following the salute. Then, they started play a card game. One of them asked me if I wanted to participate in however I couldn't join them because I didn't know the rule. The game was called "Дурак (Durak: fool in Russian)" I heard that it was the most famous card game in Russia.

After naps, I could join to my students' places because it got a room. My co-worker, he had bought a card before getting the railway, thanks! Then, my students told me the rule of the game. It was a little bit difficult. Actually I had to loose more than thirty times until understood the rule. However, it was no problem because we had a lot, really a lot of times. The game had offence and defence. It was sort of battle game. After understanding the rule, it was really interesting. I liked this game! Well, then the following day, my co-worker and I told them Japanese card game "DAIFUGO (A multimillionaire in Japanese)" and enjoyed together.

We spent all our time with cards on our way back.

Well, we spent longer in the Trans-Siberian Railway than in Novosibirsk.

--- Complementary information

A set of 36 cards is popular than 54 cards in Russia. It consists of 9 (from six to Ace) * 4 (Diamonds (), Spades (♠), Hearts (), and Clubs (♣)) = 36. And the ace of the diamond has special embellishment instead of the ace of the spade.

Cards (Russian Cards)

Т stands for Туз (Ace in Russian), К stands for Король (King in Russia), Д stands for Дама (Queen in Russia), and В stands for Валет (Jack in Russia).

Just FYI.

+ Keep to The Right +

The snow had gone and the road got dry. Then the white lines were painted on the roads. And I found something interesting. I wrote about the "Angled zebra zone," another interesting zebra zone was also at Kirov Square.

Keep to The Right (Keep to The Right)

... As much as I have seen, no Russian people care about this denotation.

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