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July 2009

+ A Temporary Homecoming +

I was going to Japan on July 3rd for a little bit long temporary homecoming. Actually I wanted to stay in Russia until the end of July; however, July 3rd was the better day by due to several situations. Well, I will take a training course for Japanese teachers in August and then I will come back to Russia in September.

It is the summer when I want to stay in Russia!

Hummm, what can I do?

Well, the flight was from Irkutsk to Niigata via Khabarovsk. In the flight from Irkutsk to Khabarovsk, variety kinds of things fell. First of all, it was a fasten belt of my next seat. I didn't know the reason, anyway, maybe some kind of locks was released and it came to my knee from upper air. It was just a belt, however, it has parts of metal and of course the metal hit me, why? The next was water. A flight attendant missed to give a cup of water to my neighbour. The water fell on my neighbour and me, why? And the worst thing was a headphone. It was very big and hard headphone like a headphone for DJ in the past days. When I had had a nap, the headphone attacked me. A man who had a computer, stood on the aisle and the headphone connected his computer. Well, well, well, my seat was window-side, why?

I had never guessed such kinds of things could be fallen. It was interesting flight.


What's that? Yes, you right. (Shouldn't I say?)

The airplane didn't fall.

+ The dreams of Russia +

In Khabarovsk, I made a greeting to the council and vice-councils and then went to the airport. Actually When I was in the Irkutsk airport, I was a little bit in a trouble because an airport staff didn't speak English; fortunately a Russian who can speak English helped me. However, in Khabarovsk, a vice-council attended with me. Yeah, I was lucky and I was really relied on the vice-council. Well, nobody could guess such thing would be happened!

Relating about VISA, passport, some sorts of procedures, etc...

I was NOT allowed to go out from Russia!

I couldn't go back home!

It was the movie "The dreams of Russia"!!! And I was Daikokuya Kodayu!!! (MovieInfo-Yahoo!)

According to the vice-council it was not my fault and this trouble would not make any regulation about re-enter to Russia or any activities in Russia. I could keep staying cool, however anyways; such thing could be happened in my reality!

I decided to think about it in positive way.

I got three days off in Khabarovsk!

The Amour River (The Amour River)

+ 6.5 Hours +

Finally, I arrived to Niigata airport. Well then, I checked about Japan because it was a good chance to see Japanese things like a foreigner.

First of all, I found that there were a lot of Kanji, on information panels, name plates, or posters. Actually, I was beaten by Kanji even though I am Japanese Language teacher. I could understand my students feeling a little.

The next, very ordinary houses were looked like Samurai houses for me. It was very interesting feeling. The reason why I felt that was the roves. KAWARA roof is very traditional Japanese style and it reminded me of some kind of Samurai era.

And the third, I felt every thing is compact such as house size, eating area of Café, and people also.

Well, well, well, these three points are very interesting because these are sorts of stereo type of Japan, aren't they? I hadn't thought that I got such stereo type of Japan.

And, other impressions were very safety, so clean, and too much announcements.

Anyways, I was very tired. I went to a ticket office and I asked how to get Tsuruga station. The station staff was very kind and he told me the information with memorandums.

"Well, you can get the train which depart at 17:05... blah ,blah, blah... Then you will get to Tsuruga at 23:27."


I had thought that it took around two and half hours; however, it took around six and half hours!

However, unfortunately, there were no good transit of trains and this was the earliest.

What the hell!

From Irkutsk to Khabarovsk was three and half hours. From Khabarovsk to Niigata was two hours. Then, from Niigata to Tsuruga was six and half hours.

I can understand this in my mind however,

Can you accept?

+ National High School Baseball Tournament +

I went to municipal stadium for watching a preliminary game of the national high school baseball tournament because the school which I graduated from would appear on the diamond. When I sat on the team side, there were no acquaintances however; I felt I was one of the members.

High School Baseball(High School Baseball)

Speaking about the game, well, our team got a point first on the behind of the fourth innings. The supporters, including me, got excited! Actually in my brain, I already heard the introduction of the school song (the winner team sing the school song on the diamond after the game). However the reality was waiting for us on the seventh and eighth innings. The other team got a point on the each innings and we couldn't sing our school song. Oh...

Well, I want to talk about a thing which was happened after the five innings. When our team were gotten the three outs, groundskeepers appeared on the diamond instead of players, and the main supporters, who maybe the parents of the players, began to distribute drinks to all supporters. Well, it was a break. I didn't know there was a break and actually it was very hot day and the drink was so good. Well, it was the first time for me to watch high school baseball game from supporters' seat. It was good chance for me to understand that the baseball game was supported by a lot of, a variety of people.


Then, the interesting thing for me was to feel vexation. Of course the players shed the tears of vexation. Most of such situations, I always stand on the teachers' position and I usually stay cool, however, in this case, I felt the vexation very much and I envied the other team side during they sang their school song. I think that I could feel such emotions because I was a part of the team.

There was a swinging motion of emotions which was not in the professional baseball league.

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